Terms and conditions

Order of Product, Payment, and Distribution

1) Visit the “Product” section and select your preferred product item(s).
2) Enter your required amount of product item(s) and click the “Add to Cart” button to add your preferred product item(s) into the shopping cart.
3) The system will display informative details of your preferred product item(s) added into the shopping cart. At this stage, you are allowed to amend or cancel your purchasing amount. As the purchasing amount is confirmed, you are required to click on the “Make Payment” button.
4) Enter your preferred address for the delivery of product and the issuance of receipt.

Notification of Transfer Payment Status

You are required to select your preferred bank to make your payment. To confirm your payment, you are also requested to scan or take a photo of your pay slip to be submitted to Merii via the “Slip Attachment” channel.
( Merii shall not accept any reference of payment that only shows a written amount of payment sent via an email)
**Please make your payment and submit a payment transfer receipt to the company within 3 days.
**In case where the payment is not made, your ordering code will be canceled and deleted within 3 days.
**Notification of payment via telephone shall only be allowed to be made on a day-to-day basis (actual payment date) and shall be completed within 17:00 hrs.

Bank Tranfer

Transferring to Prima Gold International Co., Ltd  

BankBranchAccount No.Type of Account
Bangkok Bangkapi105-3-17853-7Current Account
KBank Bangna Intersection056-1-05496-7Current Account
Krungthai Bank Nana Nua 000-6-07378-6Current Account
Siam Commercial Bank Chidlom001-3-46804-3Current Account
Krungthai Bank Central Bangna299-0-01422-2Current Account

Payment via Online Credit Card

As an online purchase of product is completely made, the company’s website will automatically link you to some other pages, requiring you to fill in your significant information related to the purchase of product in accordance with requirements displayed on www.kasikorn.co.th.
If you intend to make your payment via online credit card, after you click the “Confirm” button, you will immediately be linked to the bank’s Visa/Master website. You are compulsorily required to enter your information to confirm your payment via Visa/Master. As all required steps are completely done, the system will lead you back to www.kasikorn.co.th.

Delivery Methods 

Prima Art has developed its efficient delivery methods by relying on private transportation services that guarantee fast and reliable delivery for all valued customers. You will initially be confirmed with a parcel delivery number via email. Hence, you are allowed to check the delivery status of your shipping product with your transportation service provider at your most convenient time.
The delivery period shall last for 3-5 days (exclusive of weekends and national public holidays).
**For any customer living in a foreign country, the customer is required to solely be responsible for all transportation expenses occurred from the delivery of product to a destination country.